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Kalina Farm

Founded March 27, 1991

Distribution of crop protection chemicals

Apart from growing and selling crops, we also act as an official distributor for some of the world’s best producers of crop protection chemicals, such as Avgust, Syngenta, Bayer, Dupont and Pioneer.

We sell the following:

Pesticides (Avgust, Syngenta, Bayer, Dupont and Pioneer)
Micronutrients (NUTRIVANT PLUS, Israel)
Biostimulants (STIMAX, Spain)
Antistressants (AMINOMAX, Spain)
Deficiency correctors (MERISTEM, Spain)
Phosphites (KAFOM, Spain)

Corn and rape seeds

Consultancy services

Our in-house specialists are available to provide our regular customers with consultations regarding the use of crop protection chemicals they purchased from us.

Our produce
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Our customers

We currently deliver our produce from Kaliningrad region to Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Russia and Belarus.


We are the largest caraway producer in Russia and one of the largest in Europe

Thanks to our large production output we can guarantee a reliable delivery of wholesale quantities of caraway at a low price to our customers in Russia and internationally. We always have resources to increase production capacity to meet additional demand.